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Established 1989

Welcome to Seaside Boys Volleyball

Seaside was the 1st Boy's club in San Diego, founded in 1989. 

In 2009, SDVBC proudly welcomed Seaside VBC into our volleyball family as our Boys Program.

Staying true to Seaside's tradition of greatness, Seaside 17-Mikasa won the 2010 17 Open Junior National Championship and in 2017 Seaside 17-Black took Bronze at Nationals. 


Seaside has continued to be one of the top Boy's Clubs in Southern California and is the only boys club in San Diego to win any national championship- 

4 of them.

Strength and Injury

Strength, Injury Prevention and Nutrition

The most common injuries in volleyball are ankle, shoulder, back and knee.  We are trying to prevent the back and knee with a stretching regimen that we have implemented with the teams.  We would like to highly recommend that all the net players wear ankle braces.  We are also want to be implement exercise bands into our warm up and preventive care to help with shoulder injuries. Here are the brands that we recommend for ankle braces and exercise bands.


We have also put together some training videos for stretching and using the bands.  Here is a link to the playlist  


Nutrition Guide

This nutrition guide is great for keeping players fueled and ready for these long tournaments

I want to thank Kevin Keegan for all the work he has done on this.

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