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Cara Quinata

Cara Quintana

Cara Quinata

Club Positions:

  • 12s Local Coach
  • 14s Local Coach

Contact Cara at:

Coaching Experience:

  • Coaching since 2013

About Cara:

Cara is a gymnast turned volleyball player but you can still catch her doing handstands and cartwheels in the grass!

She believes in no limits when it comes to bettering yourself and always look for new ways to push further.

At any given moment, she'd rather be on a mountain top! Her favorite place(s) in the world would be a summit of any kind. She's never regretted a day in the outdoors!

She's happy to be part of the coaching team and blessed to work with these young athletes.

Favorite Quote:
“Don’t rest when you’re tired, rest when you’re done.”