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Lisa Reis

Lisa Reis

Club Positions
•    12-Shawn Assistant Coach
•    Local Programs Coach

Coaching Experience
1975 - Present
•    84 Teams in 3 sports (Track, Badminton, Volleyball)
•    20 Seasons as Volleyball Club Travel Coach
•    27 Seasons as Poway High School Head Coach
        -     11 D-1 Championships
        -     11 Top 10 State Finishes
        -     Nationally Ranked 8x
        -     Win/Loss Record: 511-114 for 82% win ratio

•    4X  San Diego Coach of the Year (2003,2002,1999,1993)
•    4X  California Coach of the Year (2002,1998,1995,1992)
•    2X  Section 8 Regional Coach of the Year  (1995,1992)
•    1999 Sports Illustrated "Women of the Year"
•    1999 NHSACA Volleyball Clinic Speaker
•    1993 San Diego City PHS "Girls Volleyball Day" (10/25/1993)
•    2000 Coach of the Year/Breitbard Award
•    2010  Inducted into the Breitbard High School Hall of Fame as           a "Coaching Legend"

About Lisa
Lisa's love of coaching began with her roots at La Jolla High School where she played 5 sports (varsity volleyball) and later competed as a 4-year starter on the University of Miami intercollegiate team.

Lisa's coaching philosophy is simple; become the best you can be.  Each season of volleyball brings self-transformation for everyone.  The key to staying on the path is ENJOYMENT.  Girls, you will always be journeying somewhere beyond where you are today.  Playing this beautiful sport is a PROCESS- not a PRODUCT.