Train Like a Champion: Private Lessons 

   Top professional athletes spend endless hours refining specific techniques that maximize their talents.

   With proper evaluation, exercise, and a little encouragement athletes can break through tough habits and training plateaus.

   At San Diego and Seaside Volleyball Club there are ample coaches excited to work with athletes ready to put in extra training time to raise their game.

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Quick & Efficient

Platform Extended

Shoulders Angled 

Ball Contact

Low zone on platform

Weight Distribution

Firmly Planted

 How it Works:


Email a coach of your choice with some info about what you'd like to work on, your availability and contact info. He/She will work with you to set an appointment and you're ready to rock!




  • 1 athlete- $60-$90 per hour

  • 2 athletes- $40-$55 per hour, per athlete

  • 3 athletes- $30-$40 per hour, per athlete

  • 4 or more- $25-$35 per hour, per athlete



You can contact any coaches by email using the link on their bios.


Below are coaches always ready to take on more training!

Not sure who to work with?

Email or use the contact form to get a coaching recommendation. 

It is nice when you put the right staff

Russ Bird

All Skills: Beginner to Advanced

I love see a kid improve in just one hour.  It is really cool when they start to get it.



Hitting & Serving

"I can train it all as long as they're ready to work."

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 1.13.19 PM.png

Evan Humphrey

All Skills- Beginner to Advanced

"Minimize a player's wasted movement; maximize efficiency."

Becky Senger.PNG


All Skills & Lefty's

"I love seeing athletes light up when they feel their improvement."

kristen mcmenamy.PNG


All Skills- Beginner to Intermediate

"You can never get them on the right technique too early."

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 1.09.30 PM.png

James Owens

Hitting and Blocking

"I enjoy breaking down the science behind the sport."



All Skills- Beginner to Intermediate

"I can make you play big at any height."