Jason Lee puts a ball away with authority at the 2017 Junior Nationals. Coach Girten watching on and Slater Bird with the cover

Seaside Boys Travel Teams

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Travel Coaches

Cormack Williams All Tournament 17 Club 2018 Nationals

Program Descriptions

 All Boy's travels teams have Fall tryouts. Practice begins in September and tournament play is from October through January. A full year season does include the short season at the end of May and through June/July. Most of the tournaments are in the Anaheim area with a few at our local club.  The practice calendar is posted on our website the 15th before the next month. Each month’s practices will vary based on coach’s, tournaments and player’s schedule.

Junior National Black Teams: Take off for high school season (except for 14s) at the end of January then come back the mid to end of May, and play through the end June.  When you commit to this team you are committing through the end of June/beginning July and going to Junior Nationals with this team (this year in Dallas, TX).


Travel Green and White Teams:  These our are regional teams. Everything is the same as the Black teams in the Fall.  Most the time these teams are organized to be Fall season teams.  Sometimes these teams do commit to each other and decide to come back in the spring and go to Junior Nationals. In the spring we have a new tryout to re-establish these teams, unless they commit to continue as a team from the Fall.  They finish there season in our region.


Tournament Schedules

Seaside Boy's travel teams play in more tournaments than any other club.  We use the local tournaments as a warmup for the SCVA season.


Most of the SCVA tournaments will be in the Anaheim area and start at 8:00 AM

Event Hotels

  • Boy's Holiday Classic 12/14 -15/2019: We would just need Saturday Night

  • This is a stay and play event- more information on this hotel will be coming out later.


  • Junior Boy's Invitational 1/3-5/2020:  This is the SCVA Junior National Qualifier.  

  • SCVA West Coast Classic 6/2020:   This is the West Coast championships and a warm up for the Nationals.